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What is "AniMeals On Wheels"?

       Well, let us explain...

There is evidence that interaction with pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity, improve memory recall, and have a significant effect on symptoms of depression and feelings of loneliness. In short, pets are very good for people – especially the elderly who are home-bound and somewhat isolated from others.

Sometimes people just need a little help 

Even though pet ownership has many advantages, some elderly individuals have trouble making ends meet each month so owning a pet can become a struggle, too.


Many elderly pet owners will share what little food they have with their pets out of a deep love for their furry family members, but this is actually detrimental to the humans and to the animals.

Meals On Wheels programs exist to provide good, nourishing meals to elderly, homebound individuals. Many Meals On Wheels programs have added a related program – AniMeals On Wheels – to help their clients by providing supplemental pet food supplies once a month


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Pets are very good for people - especially the elderly

In South Liberty County, we serve about 70 clients each weekday through Meals On Wheels. In a recent poll, we discovered that are nearly 40 dogs and a dozen cats in our current client base. That’s a lot of people and pets that will benefit from an AniMeals On Wheels program for our area.

Our goal is to deliver supplemental pet food to our AMOW clients once a month, on the 3rd Saturday. Our first delivery was on May 18, 2019, and it was a great success!  We currently have 14 clients with 9 small dogs, 18 medium-large dogs, and 8 cats. We provide a 5 lb bag of food per each small dog, 10 lbs of food per each larger dog, and 4 lbs of food per each cat (max. of 3 animals per species per household).

Help us, help them...